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V•TOP Crowd Control Gear

V•Top G–1 Protective Ensemble

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V-Top Coveralls

The V•Top G–1 Protective Ensemble is ideal impact protection equipment that has been specifically designed for use by police, corrections, military and other security personnel involved in crowd management, riots, mass protests, civil disturbances, social unrest and cell extractions.

The G–1 protective kit consists of 5 modular, blunt trauma protective components:

  • Torso – protects upper body (chest, shoulders and back)
  • Armguards – protect elbows and forearms
  • Chaps – protect hips and thighs
  • Jock / Jill – protects genitals
  • Shinguards – protect knees, shins, ankles and top of feet
  • Option: The Coveralls are made of a Flame Resistant (FR) material and feature a full-length zipper for quick donning and doffing by the user, without assistance.

Primary Features:

  • Distributes balanced blunt impact protection over the body
  • Modular ensemble enables users to adapt their level of protective coverage according to the perceived threat
  • Provides an optimal balance between trauma protection and comfort
  • Lightweight, flexible design for a full range of motion
  • Proven protective capabilities during worldwide deployments
  • Developed with novel testing procedures designed to simulate actual potential threats

The G–1 integrates with the V•Top Riot Helmets, Gauntlet Gloves and V•Top Coveralls for a complete protective solution.

5 Piece Ensemble $1095.00 ea.
Torso $395.00 ea.
Arm $199.00 ea.
Chaps $172.00 ea.
Jocks $85.00 ea.
Shin $252.00 ea.
Coverall $475.00 ea.