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Commercial Vehicles

Armor Outlet offers a large selection of armored vehicles, Money Transport Trucks & Vans, ranging from handgun protection against random street violence to assault rifle ammunitions and blast protection.   Whatever the level of protection you need, you can rest assured in the experience, skills and craftsmanship of our teams of engineers, technicians and personnel.

Armor Outlet research and developments team are continuously applying new and improved technologies to satisfy the changing needs for personnel protection needed in various situations throughout the world.  Armor Outlet, utilizes a dynamic armoring solution for a broad spectrum of task-specific vehicle variants, each designed for a wide range of missions and customized specification.

In the past, armored vehicles used for day-to-day security were reserved for the very powerful or very wealthy.  Today, entertainment and sport celebrities, doctors, corporate executives, lawyers and various VIP’s with a higher than average security risk are reassessing their threat potential. The Armor Outlet can meet that need with guaranteed on time delivery and that is fully supported throughout the vehicles life cycle.