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Force Protection & Work Zone Safety

The SecurStop Checkpoint exceeds MUTCD automatic flagging approvals. Many approved devices simply rotate a stop/slow paddle from a position on the shoulder of road. They are based on an assumption that, in the chaos and confusion present, all the motorists will see the paddle and notice the change and then respond accordingly.

For some applications this might be sufficient, but when you really need to assure the motorists receive the message that the road or lane is closed, the SecurStop Checkpoint has both a traffic light and a control arm/barrier that clearly closes the lane. Improving motorists and worker safety alike, while at the same time reducing liability and operating cost too.

Moreover, because the SecurStop Checkpoint does convey a such clear message, when combined with its portability and easy set up, it makes an ideal remote controlled force protection checkpoint platform to safely prescreen vehicles with too.


Unmanned Standoff Stops and Prescreening

WORK ZONE Traffic Control System Configurations

1 Controller and No Human 1 Controller and 1 Human 2 Controllers and No Human 2 Controllers and 1 Human